It is incredible to hear our company’s founder Stewart Spinks talk about how when he first resigned his job at Shell to start Spinx, "I'd still get up each morning around 5am and put on my Shell uniform and bow tie, just like I was going to work for Shell." 

"I didn't tell my wife or my family that I had left the security of the job at Shell. It took me about three weeks to get up the nerve to tell them."

From then to now is a world of difference.

Stewart formed Spinx in 1972 with a home heating oil delivery service and one convenience store in Greenville, SC. Today, Spinx operates more than 80 convenience stores in South Carolina and employs over 1,400 associates through its stores, food operations and related businesses.

Spinx continues to grow geographically and as a company where team members thrive. As we do, we strive to provide our customers, partners and employees with stimulating and rewarding experiences.

The Spinx Vision

To always be the friendly company that makes people’s lives easier.


The Spinx Mission

Spinx is passionate about fulfilling people's everyday needs by providing quality services and products in a clean, safe, and convenient environment.

We operate in a fun and respectful manner that balances profit, community involvement, and environmental awareness while valuing our on-the-go customers, partners, and team of employees.

Core Values

Our Core Values are our fundamental beliefs as a company.

They drive and shape our company culture, our business strategies and the overall Spinx brand.

These principles are the essence of our identity; they define, guide, and inspire us.

Spinx Community

Spinx has been giving back to the communities we serve since our very beginnings back in the early 1970s. We work hard to be a good neighbor and to support those communities that support us, and we gladly donate 10 percent of our profits annually to organizations that help our communities and our neighbors.

Spinx sponsors several local organizations, including the Greenville Drive and the Charleston Riverdogs, and we’re proud to be the title sponsor for the annual Spinx RunFest, a popular race that attracts thousands of running enthusiasts to Downtown Greenville for a kids run, 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon.

Spinx Family Foundation


What does the word Spinx mean?

Spinx is a little bit of word play. Stewart Spinks founded the company in 1972. Spinx and Spinks sound the same, so the name of our company was born!

To our loyal customers, Spinx means friendly service, fresh, delicious food, and value pricing. All things that make life easier!

Where can I find Spinx stores?

Spinx operates more than 80 stores in South Carolina from Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, down to Columbia and the Lowcountry.

We are growing! Look for continued expansion throughout South Carolina in the coming months!


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